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And while a poll of 50 people may surely result in 50 different songs that serve as libido-ticklers, they all do the same thing: Put us in the mood for a bit of romance.

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But why exactly does certain music have this effect on us? Many of these studies offer glimpses into how music directly affects our behavior. A study in The Journal of Retailing examined the correlation between crowded retail shops, loud music, and how much a customer spends. The research found that loud, fast music makes customers spend more, even when in an unpleasantly crowded shop.

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In a TED talk by music researcher Hauke Egermannhe posits that there are a few distinct processes happening in our brain, helping us interpret music in specific ways — both sexual and not. Amongst the most clear is learned association. This means that through a lifetime of listening to popular music and other musicians who sing about love and sex, we have built a music vocabulary in our brains that give us obvious cues.

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While this includes notes and tones, it also includes random noises that we associate with emotion, like the upbeat tapping of a foot and whistling with happiness, for instance. This also includes the way people say things as well.

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Even if he was singing in Simlishyou would understand that the song is meant to invoke a good mood. Another obvious part of this is the lyrics in a song.

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He adds that deep singing voices for men are heavily associated with sex because it might be a of male virility. Be right back, adding that to my playlist.

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Your personal preference always has a little something to do with what makes a song sexy to you as well. When you hear a song you like, your brain rewards you with a dopamine, the happy hormone. Songs that release dopamine more intensely may feel sexier and more romantic to you.

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Daramus points to a group of studies from a NIH analysis that looked at the correlation between music and behavior. Sometimes, the correlation between science and music plays in perfect harmony.

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Our cultural values around sex and romance, our own experiences, and the influence of society as a whole on our brains and bodies are all influencing what we puts us in the mood. While there are similarities between all of us, like every individual, music preference's effect on us is also slightly different.

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