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View Full Version : Liskeard-Looe in hot water. From RFU. The charges relate to allegedly publishing profane, offensive and racially abusive content in the match day programme of their EDF Energy Junior Vase semi final against Lowestoft and Yarmouth on Saturday, March Rugby Union is an inclusive game for all and abhors any form of discrimination or abuse based on colour, creed, sex or sexual orientation or disability.

The RFU takes very seriously any allegations of discrimination or abuse and will investigate them swiftly and take disciplinary action if appropriate. Background RFU Regulation 5. The Union may terminate or suspend membership of the Union or impose any other appropriate punishment for any such offence.

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The procedure for and the conduct of disciplinary hearings shall be prescribed by the Council and shall be published in the Handbook. One wonders whether the sanction, should the charge be upheld, will be equally loudly trumpeted. Things could go badly, methinks. What on earth was the profane, offensive and racially abusive content in the match day programme Was it something about people from Norfolk?

If the comments in the programme are anything like the match report on the website they should be cited for crimes against literature.

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Unfortunatley, many people who administer websites and who supply match reports for publication in the public domain are oblivious to this country's libel laws. They also are unawares as to the club's responsibility for web and print content, with, as it appears here, disastrous consequences. I've no idea what was printed, but your average Joe Blogg who does his turn at a club and writes match reports is all too often trying to be witty - and it backfires.

Or the Pigs? Or the filth?

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Now this is splashed everywhere, RFU PR release to all the press, just watch it appear in red top papers! Talk about shooting yourself in the foot! I guess it depends what was said.

Could have been a major embarrassment if it is really bad, but it emerged just before the Twickenham final that the RFU suits had tried to hush it up. Presumably if it was printed in the match day programme, I imagine one of the opposition supporters complained? Or maybe someone from the RFU was there and read it themselves in the programme?

I imagine they printed a few off and sold them, so there must be copies around?

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Denzil and Rosebud went to see the game; said there were a lot of weird looking people there. How could they tell :chin:. Norfolk and Cornwall!!!! How could they tell :chin: They speak better than we do. Welcome to Digitfest !!!! If I get the prog will I be allowed to copy it to this site. But you could give us an inkling of what might be objectionable in the content.

Gents in general I recommend that all English those under RFU juristiction as referees or members of clubs 'posters' are very careful in what you post in areas where disciplinary action is being, or about to be, taken. I have sailed too close to the wind on some occasions and have had my knuckles rapped in the past. So that leaves you Chopper open to do whatever you wish as a non affiliated member of the general public, as long as it is legal under English civil and crimminal law.

Absolutely not - draws us into the same errors that Liskeard allegedly fell into. On the local news a few minutes ago the reporter wouldn't give any details but said there were four s of 'Rag Mag' humour included in this special occasion program; they don't normally produce one. The reporter went on to say that the Norfolk club denied putting in any complaint, but it was noted that a few RFU representatives present did have programs.

The local MP was interviewed and thought the prog. Think it a shame that the team and supporters could be denied the final at HQ. If the RFU were the instigators what on earth were they trying to achieve? It was covered on the news on Radio 5.

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Someone produced a pamphlet which they gave away at the match. It wasn't clear whether this was the programme or part of it. The reporter had a copy. He said it contained jokes and cartoons which ranged from bawdy to downright offensive and racist.

Apparently there were homophobic jokes and one joke about a black man going into a bar that he said contained the most offensive word you can use about black people. Draw your own conclusions. This certainly does seem to be very serious and for the Mayor to say the complaint is over the top doesn't say much about her. Apparently the club face a bollocking, a fine or even expulsion from the competition.

It was unclear whether the clubs comittee were aware of the pamphlet or its content, but the whole club was said to be mortified. Sounds like another case of some one doing something in the name of the club without getting it checked, although if it is as bad as the reporter indicated they should be absolutley ashamed of themselves and thrown out of the club.

What's really sad about this is that the entire sport is going to be tarred, to some extent, with the same brush in this incident. Which, if this was a "pamphlet" that was being circulated and not the match program is very sad indeed. Unfortunately there is a line that some people cross without realizing, or sometimes caring, in their desire to be viewed as the funny guy. I'm sure that almost everyone on this forum has been on a rugby bus where classic rugby songs were sung, many of which were filled with profanity, and racist or homophobic lines.

However there's a difference between being in an enclosed vehicle, or a backroom of a bar singing a song, and printing something out and handing it out in an indiscriminate manner to people at a match. I seem to recall a similar problem at University which still feels recent, but was a decade ago when one of the first year l left his copy of the "songbook" on a table in the Student Union Bar, and another student found it and complained.

Unfortunately in that case the clubs crest had helpfully been printed as the front of this document.

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When you sing a song in a controlled environment the words float away, if you sing it in a less than controlled environment you can still claim you were misheard, but when you put it onto paper it's much harder to escape from. Of course this might well have nothing to do with my examples, and could simply have been some idiot's choice to print out s and s of offensive content. Whatsa the idea you singa da songs abouta my wife eh?

Senor Sfere dei cavalli:biggrin:. We have a thoroughly enjoyable song to sing about "the Cardiff family" when Welsh Varsity comes around next month.

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Hope the WRU doesn't get hold of our programme We never had songbooks in my day I'm starting to sound like ST:wow:. Man Utd fans have songbooks, but that's because they have to travel from every corner of the country except Manchester so never get to practise together!

When I was in the USA I remember a tape being played on the team bus with a routine from a comedian based on the fact that he did not do racist jokes.

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So I tell idiot jokes. Nobody is going to come up to me after the show I would hope that at the Bristol RFU Hearing the club will present their internal investigation including expulsion of the programme editor from club first programme they have done for two years! Hopefully that will result in a major RFU wrist slap with all sorts of sanctions - attend a 'racial equality conference', involve club in integration project, etc.

The ultimate sanction would be to dis-affiliate the club from the RFU. Letter in today's Telegraph, I think, puts the incident into some perspective. Angus McCoatup. We are reaching a point where a joke containing a specific ethnic group be it English, Irish, Scottish or whatever, is racist; one containing a gender-type is sexist; one containing an age-type is ageist.

Where will it end? And when will public bodies stop presuming to be offended on behalf of ethnic minorities they clearly know nothing about and who do, truly, have a sense of humour? That if true is racist and I don't need to be black to find it offensive. I am not offended by that on behalf of someone else, I am simply offended by it. The jokes were all over the actual prog.

I agree.

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The club admitted one charge of publishing profane and offensive material and a second of publishing racially abusive content in the match day programme of their EDF Energy Junior Vase semi final against Lowestoft and Yarmouth on Saturday, March As the club recognised in the hearing, the offending material brought the Game into disrepute. Why such material was ever published is beyond our comprehension. Racism and homophobia have absolutely no place in Rugby Union.

We were also conscious that the club has earned a place in a Twickenham final on May 9 in what will be the biggest game in its history. Cashflow will have to come from club members for the time being - ouch! I am left wondering what happened as part of their own internal investigation?

I am left wondering what happened to the individual s that were actualy responsible for writing and publishing this filth? Education and experience gives one the advantage. Before we think too badly of the club, could the inclusion of this 'humour' in the prog. The RFU have prosecuted already, so let's hope the civic authorities don't look into it all as well.

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