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Is the Horizon Academy in Columbus Cheating? Tagged in these Policy Areas: K Education. The IO finding follow on the heels of recent news stories in which former students and parents allege that test and attendance scores were tampered with at the Horizon Academy in Dayton. As a result of those stories, IO looked at the four Horizon schools in Ohio that operate up to Grade 12 and compared the scores those students received on the state Performance Index with the scores those same students received on the ACT college entrance exam. Performance Index tests are administered by the schools themselves, while ACT tests are administered by an independent testing company. For most schools and school districts — including 3 of the 4 Horizon schools — ACT and state Performance Index scores are closely correlated.


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Fall deadline is June 1 for all documentation. International Programs. I cannot drop below full-time 18 hours ELI, 12 semester hours undergraduate student, or 9 semester hours graduateunless I have received prior approval from a DSO Deated School Official.

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Online courses can only be taken for 3 of the required credit hours. A report is generated at various times during a semester to verify that students are in full time status.

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If I drop below a full course load or enroll in too many online credit hours as described above without prior approval I will be considered out of status and this may result in the termination of my I or DS I do not have to take classes during the summer unless my program start date is for summer and can remain in the United States as long as I plan to return to school for the Fall semester. I must attend classes as required by the professor of each class.

The professor will give me a "course syllabus" at the beginning of each semester, and the syllabus will clearly explain the professor's attendance requirements. If I do not follow the attendance rules, the professor can drop me from the class without my permission.

If the professor drops me from class for not following the attendance rules I will be considered out of status and this will result in the termination of my I or DS I understand that I cannot just stop attending classes or decide not to return to Columbus State after completing a semester.

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I must contact a DSO and inform them of my decision. I cannot work for money even if I work for my family or my sponsor. If I work for money in the United States without approval, I will be considered out of status and this will result in the termination of my I or DS I may apply for on-campus positions at CSU but cannot work more than 19 hours a week when enrolled in classes.

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I must also notify a DSO if the address or name of a dependent changes. Cheating or plagiarism on my academic work or helping another person cheat on their academic work is a very serious breach of CSU academic rules.

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If I get caught cheating on my academic work, or helping another person cheat, then I can be suspended from the university and will be considered out of status which will result in the termination of my I or DS If I have any questions about my F1 or J1 status, or if I do not understand something completely, I will ask the International Student Coordinator or the International Admissions Counselor for assistance.

It is critical that you acquire accurate information from a knowledgeable source. I understand that International Student Services will not accept "My friend told me I understand it is my responsibility to check my program end date on my I or DS If I let my program end date expire, I will be out-of-status and will have to return to my home country.

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I understand that I must exit the United States within 60 days of completing my program if I do not plan to enroll in another program. J-1 Students must exit within 30 days of their program end date. I understand that I should always talk to a DSO before taking any action that may endanger my Visa status.

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