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Domestic violence is a touchy subject and finding the right way to deal with it can be difficult.


Let's figure out what valuable lesson Family guy has taught you If Family Guy has taught you anything, it has taught you that babies and pets can really talk.

Prepping for the table-read and pushing your wits

So when they come up to you, really pay attention to what they're saying. They could be telling you about their new invention, world domination, their book, or how they're in the mood for a cocktail. However, you should keep this secret from your friends. They may think you're a total fruitcake! Family Guy has taught you the real secret about automatic doors.

There isn't a sensor that opens them, they only open for beautiful people.


So if you step on that mat and the door opens, you're a very beautiful person. You've learned one of the most important lessons, leave the past alone! When you have the opportunity to time travel, whatever you do, do NOT change the past.

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You've seen the trouble Stewie, Brian, Peter, and even Mort have gotten into when messing with something as small as a date. It's okay to visit, but to be safe just look and get back on your return pad. You've learned that friendships aren't always perfect.

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There have been several moments where Joe brutally beat up his pals, and even moments where the Griffin Family went toe-to-toe with each other. At the end of the day they make up and look forward to another day. Either that or they plot their revenge. Just like Chris you've learned that evil monkey's lurking in your closet aren't always evil.

1. screams of silence (season 10, episode 3)

They may want to befriend you, but aren't sure how to start a conversation. If you encounter a monkey pointing at your from inside your closet ask him for help with homework asments or work tasks and you'll see how nice he really is.

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You've learned to look out for that creepy section in Bath and Beyond. Peter taught you this lesson early on. You know you're safe in the Bath section, but it's something about the Beyond Instead of looking for the mugs, look for a store employee to help you find one. This way you won't get sucked into the Beyond section.

Be spontaneous! Get out of your routine every once in a while and do something a little crazy. Family Guy teaches you this every episode. Whether it's jumping into your personalized helicopter or stealing a ham at a grocery store, don't let your thoughts cloud your actions!

Grab some tissues because you've learned that it's okay to cry! Crying because someone called you a "Four wheeled monster" or crying because you're Meg is okay! There are tears at least every other episode. No matter what your friends or family think, let your emotions fly.

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Insult Meg:. A sea cow. Which is Stewie's greatest invention? Multiverse-Traversing Device. Doppelganger Robots.

I am peter, hear me roar

Cloning Device. Time Machine. Mind Control Device. Pick your funny Family Guy moment:.

gorgeous lady Melina

Which would you buy? Pick the best cutaway:. Consuela curling. Any Star Wars cutaway.

The better content center

Turf War. Throat clearing Gentlemen's Club. Which characters were great when paired up together in an episode?

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Lois and Bonnie. Meg and Chris.

Behind the scenes: 6 great writing lessons learned at a ‘family guy’ table-read

Stewie and Chris. Peter and Quagmire. Stewie and Brian. Peter and Brian.

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What do you worry about most? The location of your Batman cup. Getting lost in a grocery store.

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The past. Being popular. The evil monkey in your closet. The upkeep of your inventions. Falling down the stairs.

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Pick your Family Guy anthem:. And finally, pick a mascot:.

fit biatch Melina

The Peterang. The Megcopter. Babies and dogs can talk, listen to them. When you're beautiful doors magically open for you. Don't alter the past. Friendship is rocky some times. Evil monkeys aren't as evil as they seem. Watch out for the Beyond section in Bath and Beyond. Be Spontaneous. It's okay to cry. Facebook Comments.

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Brian enlists Quagmire's help to score a date with a new friend, but things get nasty when they start to compete for the affections of each other's old flames, Cheryl Tiegs and Jillian.


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Spoiler Alert: There are spoilers for both early and recent seasons in this article.


He was kind enough to give me a phone interview after the table-read experience.