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While I am sure the birds have enjoyed nearly a year of pretty much being allowed to kick back and relax, they seem equally interested in seeing people in their fields again. My concerns that they would become unsocialised have proven to be unfounded, thankfully, and I am glad to say that the private booked sessions are running again, safely in the open air. The Spring weather has been glorious and it has been wonderful to greet visitors and share the field, and my birds too of course!

It really has been lovely to see the kiddies running around exploring, laughing, giggling and asking SO many questions! It was wise to suggest they split into two groups, and I love how the new seating circle worked. For those of you who have visited my field you may remember I had a yurt in that spot…. The toddlers running around have flattened the rabbit diggings brilliantly!!!!

With a new owl ing the team we are looking forward to a more sociable year than Hey BB, it's dinnertime! Training and caring for my birds certainly keeps me busy, and I try to make sure the birds keep busy too. The past few months have seen the birds entertaining families while they get creative in the yurt; hosting summer feast nights; giving people the thrill of having a bird of prey fly to their glove for food and taking part in several bespoke photo shoots. The feast nights brought lots of new people to the Owl Field in August. Victor ing in the feast night Whisper enjoying the feast night BB King hosting the feast night.

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Photography sessions have also been a big part of our activity, and the cows like to in too and surprised Maryna of Photography by Maryna! She got her bag back with only a little cow slobber on it!! So if I ever wonder if I am doing the right thing — I look at my birds, reflect on how much we have achieved together, and know that I am doing exactly the right thing…then I put the kettle on!

Chaya has grown into a confident hunter, and a wonderful companion on long walks, however she can be moody with people as is typical of any female Harris. So I thought it was time to see if anyone was selling a nice and friendly male Harris hawk in the south west, I was determined to just keep an eye on the market for a few months and take my time.

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He is so gentle and well mannered, and tiny compared to Chaya; and today, only 12 days after I collected him, he happily flew free to my glove in my field! He is amazing and I have been grinning every day since we bought him home on Easter Monday……. She is going to settle in beautifully, I am sure. Two beautifully reared and manned birds make my team complete.

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I am really looking forward to working with them this year. As the days got colder I noticed visitors in my owl shed, ladybirds were gathering to hibernate — how cute I thought!!

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Ladybird party. They even looked like they were having a party with a spider and woodlouse, or chuggypig as my brother calls them. My other aliens are, of course, my birds. Not Whisper the barn owl as she is native to the UK — she actually came to me from Somerset. However my other birds, while born and bred in the UK for many many generations do originate from other countries. Peanut the burrowing owl is native to America — found in many states and doing very well over there, almost a pest to some people when they dig up their gardens. The species used to be native here until about years ago, and many are still found in the wild across Europe.

Victor the Spotted Eagle owl actually originates from Africa — although he also came to me from Somerset where he was bred. In Africa these owls are a favourite pet with children due to their quiet and calm nature — Victor all over!

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Chaya the Harris hawk also came to me from near the Tamar in Liskeard; but her species originates from South America where they are often seen perching on high cacti as lookout perches while hunting for wild jackrabbits. I think in this cold weather Chaya would certainly prefer the desert heat — and I may her! Chaya a cold harris hawk.

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We have had some beautiful days this winter, bright sunshine while the frost on the ground crunches underfoot. Today the skies are grey and it is wet and windy, which means that I am inside and have time to write this blog — a good thing… though I would rather be outside in the fields.

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Hawk at home. January shadows.

People in cornwall urged to have say on housing crisis

Chaya looks so stunning against the bright blue winter sky, I am in awe when she is flying free. She is such a free spirit and will soar overhead, suddenly swooping into a far field after something she has seen — I rarely see what she is after. I wait a couple of minutes and then whistle [I can whistle very loud] and she comes soaring back, often so close I feel her wing brush against my shoulder. Fantastic Hawk. We have had some visitors in the field recently, and Whisper was on her best behaviour for a special birthday 2 hour Owl Experience just before Christmas [available to book anytime, check out my Shop and give me a shout!

Whisper the Barn Owl flying. Whisper loves the twilight, and her plumage looks even more stunning in the low winter sun — especially late afternoon when the sun is setting.

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And Peanut, well, he had to come in and me for a coffee the other day, just for the company of course! He loves sitting in the sun shining through the kitchen window while I rub his ear. Cuddle time.

Seasalt fowey

Crazy dude, we love you Peanut!! Peanut Whirl. Some days it seems to barely get light before the sun goes down again, and with so many outdoor jobs to be done I am often in a rush to get home to feed Whisper, Peanut and Victor before it gets pitch black again. It is very special to be able to be with the owls when it is so dark, especially Whisper my Barn owl.

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She really is in her element. Barn Owl at dusk 1 Barn owl at dusk 2 Barn owl at dusk 3.

5 owls, 3 hawks and a lot of enthusiasm

Barn owl at dusk 4 Barn owl at dusk 5 Barn owl at dusk 6 Barn owl at dusk 7. She still loves the camera and likes to look at every detail as you can see. Peanut my burrowing owl tends to shout a lot at night. Very short sharp chirrups, usually three at a time. He has definitely caught bank voles in his aviary before and I wonder if that is when he makes his call. I wonder what Victor my spotted owl thinks of his noisy neighbour! Wow — what a beautiful month October turned out to be!

People in cornwall urged to have say on housing crisis

When I first decided to set the dates for two Family Craft Afternoons In the Company of Owls in October half term I must admit to having my fingers crossed behind my back for good weather — and it worked!! Tuesday Oct 25th got so much interest from local families that I had to say it was full 10 days before the event — with 35 people booked in [adults, children and toddlers] it was certainly going to be a busy afternoon.

Of course there was tea, coffee and cake for all — oh and hot chocolate too. Owl shed, shop and cafe Fire warden doing a grand job More tea anyone?!

Fowey estuary

The owls enjoyed meeting everyone, with Whisper and Peanut coming out so everyone could get really close up and personal with them! Where is Peanut? I am looking forward to starting regular Saturday morning Family Craft sessions very soon — just need to get the yurt built as I am sure the weather will turn more seasonal now it is November.

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Meanwhile the owls are busy with private bookings in their field, and will also be going out in the community, meeting people and making them smile. Since last October my owls have visited Fowey Hall Hotel and Trenython Manor Hotel once a week throughout the school holidays and I was feeling very lucky when both hotels booked me for the entire 6 week summer break this year!

My business was taking off, and with my first event planned for August too I knew there was going to be lots to do for the next few months. Whisper started the season off well, she really is growing up and living up to her name — quietly looking beautiful and demure while the families flock around her, mesmerised by her presence. Barn Owl conservation is the main theme of these sessions, and everyone is astounded to learn that these beautiful owls are found on every continent in the world!

With Peanut, Whisper and Victor taking their turns to wow the families and introduce the younger children to the world of owls we really were quite busy all summer long. Of course Peanut the burrowing owl stole the show, as he flew cool as an experienced professional in front of the crowd. The sun shone and there was a wonderfully relaxed mood in the field that afternoon as everyone enjoyed being in the company of the birds. With tickets nearly a sellout I think I can call my first event a great success.

Nettle falafels, pulled venison burgers and seared pigeon breast — perfect food for the event and I saw lots of people tucking in to it! We were prepared for all visitors and the Gator proved useful in towing the food van in to place a few days before, moving all the heavy stuff including the new timber for the benches so the site was ready on the day; and finally giving my mum a lift up the field so she could in the occasion too!

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I had been so nervous, excited and apprehensive in the week leading up to the day. With a long list of things still to do and a big question mark over the weather I was landscaping the ground, clearing brambles, making s…. We even had official t-shirts to wear: and one of my next jobs is to order some more as so many people wanted to buy them on the day — check out my shop for these soon!

View this post on Instagram. Peanut making new friends. Isie posing. Victor hosting feast nights. BB King welcoming this family. Victor ing in the feast night.

Fowey hall hotel gallery

Whisper enjoying the feast night. BB King hosting the feast night.

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Photography by Maryna Wild Fairy. Photography by Maryna Viking theme.

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While I am sure the birds have enjoyed nearly a year of pretty much being allowed to kick back and relax, they seem equally interested in seeing people in their fields again.


A steep but short stroll away, Fowey has more than enough fishing boats, fudge and old-fashioned fun to sustain the sort of family holiday that keeps all generations happy.


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