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  • Age:
  • 25
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  • Panamanian
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  • Gentleman
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  • I prefer to drink liqueur
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  • Hip hop
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  • Doing puzzles
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You may be proud and hard-headed, or you may be lost and totally open to taking direction in all forms at this point. Divorce will mess you up in ways you never imagined and at times when you least expect it. You want to lash out. You want to just hide from everyone. It may only be 9 am, but Netflix and chill is your only goal for the day. This is especially problematic if you have a 10 am meeting on a Tuesday with your boss or an important client.


You are now free to begin a new life as a single man without the burden of court dates, attorney fees or prying into your personal life. Everything can return to a sense of normalcy.

How to decide if he’s right for you

However, you may quickly realize that the weight, worry and time spent on the divorce process prevented the reality of your situation from sinking in — you are beginning a new life. This comes with its own set of challenges, but you also need to keep in mind some aspects of the divorce can come back to haunt you.

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Despite finally being over, there may be things that need to be addressed months, or even years down the road. Here are a couple of the common mistakes men make after divorce that can extend the time it takes to move on, cost you extra or even land you back in court.

The newly single guy's guide to online dating after a marriage-long hiatus

Your decree does not change them automatically. Additionally, you have spent a lot of time dividing up your assets, and you need to ensure they go to your intended beneficiaries rather than probate court.

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If you wait until the time of sale, you will have to track down your ex and hope she is willing to. For vehicles, you will also be treated as an owner in most states if you are still on the title, and you could be potentially held liable in the event of an auto accident causing bodily injury or property damage.

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Failure to follow the orders set about by your decree is contempt, and you could find yourself back in court. It is easiest to simply abide by the orders laid out in your decree even if you disagree with themor if there is a big enough issue, file an appeal or motion to modify. Falling behind in your child support or alimony payments is also considered contempt, so it is best to keep up with those payments.

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If a ificant change in circumstances occurs, you generally have the ability to file a motion to modify the agreement where the court will decide whether a modification is applicable. In some states, if you pay to your ex directly and she decides not to acknowledge the payment as support, you still owe the support and could end up paying twice. To avoid this kind of problem, utilize state-run agencies or a third-party that can help keep track of your payments.

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Men often take the divorce much harder than women doand for many men, their ex-wife was the one person they had always trusted to fall back on for support. Without someone to trust, men often try to deal with their problems alone, pushing away from others who may try to help. Becoming reclusive not only worsens feelings of loneliness and depressionbut can also lead to self-destructive behavior, such as alcohol or drug abuse.

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It is recommended that instead of going into isolation, men should actively seek to broaden their social circles by reconnecting with old friends, ing extracurricular activities, expanding their professional networks or even going back to school. It can be tempting now that you are newly single to pick up right where you left off when you decided to settle down with your ex.

This can lead many men to remarry way too quickly at least for those who still want marriage or those desperate to get back into a comfortable routine.

Dating after divorce: what it’s like to get back out there, according to 12 men

It is all too common for men to rush into a second marriage without actually getting to know the person, which is a recipe for disaster. The rate of divorce for second marriages is even higher than those of first.

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The end of a divorce is really the beginning of a new chapter in your life, and you deserve to treat it as such. Just avoid these common mistakes that men frequently make after their divorce, and you can move on with a healthy new lifestyle without having to worry about the past coming back to bite.

How to avoid getting your heart broken when dating a recently divorced man

Mat Camp is a former Lexicon Services Online Editor, who focused on providing a comprehensive look into all aspects of the divorce experience. On MensDivorce.

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Cordell in Divorce A Guide for Men. Camp used thorough research to highlight the challenging reality that those who go through divorce or child custody issues face. Forgetting to update life insurance, retirement and estate beneficiaries Your decree does not change them automatically.

8 things to consider when dating a divorced man

Not ing over titles to vehicles and deeds to real estate If you wait until the time of sale, you will have to track down your ex and hope she is willing to. Learn More.

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Mat Camp. Related Articles. Need a lawyer?

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Those are very personal decisions.


Full disclosure: I am not now nor have I ever been a divorced man.


A lot of the time, the dating pool tends to be full of perpetually single individuals that may just spend their time dating around for fun or on the hunt for something they just haven't found yet, and sometimes you come across individuals who have also been in longer-term relationships along the way too.


Dating after divorce, much like divorce itself , is a different journey for everyone.