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  • Age:
  • 33
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  • I've long curly hair
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  • Sagittarius
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  • Reggae
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  • Yoga
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  • None
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  • Yes


They were letting me know that the house I am moving out of in a few weeks was going on the market. They also wanted to know how much notice I needed before showing the house. I was tempted to say three weeks. Tough job, but after the move the fresh start is worth it.


I am a woman who actually wants to be a housewife. I am not religious and I am college educated; it is just my preference to be a stay at home wife and mother. I know that this ambition is not fashionable nowadays, but oh well.

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I keep hearing people pay lip service to the idea that today women are allowed to be "anything they want", but if what you want is to stay at home and be a wife first, suddenly people act like there is something wrong with you.

What people seem to really mean is: "women are allowed to be anything they want today, as long as we what they want is a career. So, where can I find men that actually want a housewife?

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Is there a dating site that is not Christian that caters to men who are looking for housewives and to women who would actually prefer this kind of life over a career? I'm an atheist and I met my SO on okcupid.

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I think as long as you make it clear you enjoy traditional gender roles up front someone who agrees with the mentality will come your way. Follow up Q: how do make it clear you enjoy traditional gender roles?

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Should you literally write, "I enjoy traditional gender roles" in your profile? What's a subtler way to maybe hint at it? Your desire to be a housewife is not something you advertise to potential mates on a dating web site or upon first meeting, in my opinion.

This is a discussion you have with a man when you've already reached the point that you're discussing a shared future and, hopefully, after coming to the conclusion that you have shared ideas for how marriage and parenthood are supposed to work. Think about it Why would a man agree to you being a housewife upfront if he doesn't know you and you just started dating, especially considering the risks he faces if you were to ever divorce?

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If you're not part of a religious or cultural community where being a housewife would be expected of you, if you lead with the fact that you want to be a housewife, you're going to come off to a lot of guys like you're looking for a meal ticket, or worse, you'll attract men who are looking for someone to puppet by the purse strings. You are correct. OP You should read this post carefully.

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The way you're going about this is kind of tactless. You should not advertise that you want to be a housewife to a man you aren't even dating yet. Most quality guys aren't trying to wife up a damsel-in-distress, they want a woman who can function on her own with a job and then give her the option of staying home. You won't find a good guy with your plan. Get a job.

[relationships] what dating sites should i use if i want to find a man who wants a housewife?

Find a man who wants lots of children? It's only natural that someone's gotta stay home with the kids -- might as well be you! This is why so many kids are annoying brats.

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They need moms. Not babysitters.

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You need to find an intelligent enough guy who sees past all the bullshit. I would go out and make more girlfriends- lots of them… and then network that way. I like my job. I like making money and knowing that I'm self-sufficient and can be with a man because I want him and love him instead of because I need his financial support.

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I've made at least x as much money as anyone I've ever dated, and it's never been the cause of the problems. How do I reconcile my urge to be the provider with the denial of my experiences and advice I find here? That's what happens when they sell you on feminism by using words like "equality" but then you realize this is just a smokescreen. Of course, the women who want a career eat up the "equality" bit because it affirms their world view, but if you don't want to do what feminists order then watch out! What feminists want is for women to become men.

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This must be why they are reporting record high levels of depression and lack of life satisfaction. I think the idea behind feminism is that everyone should be treated equally.

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It's not that feminists want women to become men is that they want for all people to have the freedom to do what ever they choose, wether it's stay at home or go out into the working world and hold an occupation.

No one should be "forced" to do anything against their will, every individual should be afforded equal opportunity in the world. We've been caricatured into being polar opposites. It seems the problem arises when you're single and openly state you're looking for a man who wants to be a provider, at which many people balk.

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I don't know of any dating sites specifically for this purpose, but it seems OkCupid would be a decent bet as it seems to attract many non-religious men and you will be able to clearly state what you're looking for. Maybe the key is to try to find a guy who finds kids repulsive lol. That way he won't want any child-rearing responsibilities and will just naturally want to serve as the provider. If you want to get married, be first mate material.

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Too many deckhands out there that jump to another ship once you pull into port. Found the internet! Posted by 5 years ago.

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Continue this thread. Maybe the key is to try to find a guy who finds kids repulsive lol That way he won't want any child-rearing responsibilities and will just naturally want to serve as the provider. More posts from the RedPillWomen community. Created Jun 10, Top posts march 23rd Top posts of march, Top posts Back to Top.

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