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Teresa Ghilarducci Teresa Ghilarducci. The Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis recently published a study that showed that half of women over 50 who are unemployed are long-term unemployed.

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The following text has been edited and condensed for clarity and length. Women are paid less in almost every job. Paul Solman: But so many more women are in executive positions and have become employers, right? Teresa Ghilarducci: So many more women are employers and are in executive positions, only because 2 or 3 percent is a lot more than zero. It is a lot more than we used to have. So these audit studies that show that women are discriminated against at the point of hire are mostly of how male employers act.

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And all of those places pay very, very little. The next revolution in economic resource allocation is going to be how to pay for things that sustain us, but the people who do this work have had very little economic power. Look at our fastest growing sector, healthcare.

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You have minorities at the very bottom of that industry, and you have male administrators of hospitals or top surgeons who are men. And women are towards the bottom. Teresa Ghilarducci: Right. All the ways that we are oriented towards valuing lives are based on your earning power. This age discrimination problem is going to be a bigger problem for women as more and more women are having to work longer because of divorce, or eroded pensions, or lower pensions, because because even if they worked their whole life, they were paid less and thus, accumulated less in their pensions.

This age discrimination is actually going to create a population of very low-income and vulnerable elderly. So even though it might be faith-based retirement planning, we always thought that if our k or our IRA diminished in value — either because we took it out before we retired or the rate of return never panned out — we would always have our human capital to fall back on.

People always talk about those work plans as if they can decide.

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They always forget about the employer part of the equation. You might want to work, but you have to have someone wanting to buy your labor. Teresa Ghilarducci: Yeah, well, neither do I nor do I think of a year-old man as being old. But it turns out the labor market views people in their mids as old, because when we start to work, we plan on a wage increase. But this new Federal Reserve Bank study has shown that wages start to decrease after that.

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Teresa Ghilarducci: The Federal Reserve study has shown that wages stop increasing at about the age of And so, from 45 to 55, wages decrease by 9 percent. From 55 to 65, another 9 percent. So this age earning profile, where you kind of peak and then it flattens out and falls, that age of peaking is a lot younger than we ever thought.

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Plan on something a little bit less. So this data that wages fall after age 45 has been a revolution for financial planners.

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Financial planners are having to wrestle with this fact and incorporate savings targets for their clients. After about age 45, wages, on average, start to decline.

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About 25 percent of our jobs pay less than two-thirds of the median wage. We are really, really good at creating jobs that barely make the poverty level for a family. Teresa Ghilarducci: Well, the usual suspects of having good labor markets is Scandinavia. We have a lot of inequality in the United States, and much of that is generated because we create such bad jobs. So we have low unemployment for everybody, including old people, but these are really low wage jobs.

Teresa Ghilarducci is a labor economist and nationally recognized expert in retirement security. She is the Bernard L. Her most recent book is "How to Retire with Enough Money. Support Provided By: Learn more. Saturday, Oct The Latest.

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Yes Not now. By — Teresa Ghilarducci Teresa Ghilarducci. Leave your feedback. Share on Facebook Share on Twitter.

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Paul Solman: Why does it make sense? Paul Solman: Why not?

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By — Teresa Ghilarducci Teresa Ghilarducci Teresa Ghilarducci is a labor economist and nationally recognized expert in retirement security. Additional Support Provided By:.

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It could be a while since you last had to search for a job, or you may be looking for a change of role or more flexible hours.


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