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It was wonderful to stand up in front of those people for the National Book Award, and give my little talk.


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Black Experience in America and Africa. Fashion magazines, Black models, deers, photographers.

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Black artists and prominent voices in activism. First Published on The Conversation.

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Dating is never easy, for any of us. Scenarios play over in our he, classic questions and worries bombard us. Will she like me? Does he share the same interests? Will my mum be watching us have sex?

Blackness: politics, protest, history, style

But new research shows that for bonobos, sex really is often a family affair. Along with chimpanzees Pan troglodytesbonobos Pan paniscus are our closest living relatives. Operating in female-led social systemsbonobos are capable of showing a wide range of what were long held as human-specific feelings and emotions, such as sensitivitypatience, compassion, kindness, empathy and altruism. From saucy greetings and social bonding to conflict resolution and post-conflict make-up sexsex serves hugely important functions in most aspects of bonobo social behaviour.

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Even the mere discovery of a new food source or feeding ground is enough to spark a wave of communal sexual activity. It seems that the of reasons for a bonobo to have sex is surpassed only by the of forms in which they do it.

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Indiscriminate of sex and agethe only combination strictly off limits in bonobo society is between a mother and her mature son. In addition to standard penetrative encounters, they frequently engage in manual genital massage and oral sex. These positionally creative apes are also the only animal other than us to practice tongue-on-tongue kissing or face-to-face penetrative sex.

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Bonobo mothers, however, seem to make a war out of seeing their sons successfully make love. The new researchpublished in Current Biology, shows that these strategies pay off. Males who had a mother present in their social group engaging in these behaviours were about three times more likely to produce offspring than males whose mothers were no longer part of the group.

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Mothers of successful bonobo fathers were present more than twice as frequently during conception than in chimpanzees, a species in which males are socially dominant, and in which maternal presence provided no benefit to sons. Thus, it appears that the dominance of females in bonobo social systems allows mothers to exert behavioural influence to boost the sexual fitness of their sons.

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Females practice sex even when not ovulatingmale-male competition is much reducedand the species is remarkably tolerant to bonobos from outside of their social group. Perhaps us humans ought to take note of how positively society can change when females are in positions of influence.

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Blackness fashion, culture, BLM, activism, racism, black history. link here. Comment Policy link here.

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