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Moved to the Portland metro area 25 years ago. Portland was a diamond in the rough back then.


Oregon is a state filled with strange history… a strangeness that has seeped its way into the modern day in the best kind of ways. Beginning inthe Japanese military launched balloons carrying bombs towards the West Coast of the United States. While the United States military was able to capture most of them before they reached US soil, a small portion of them made their way into Gearhart Mountain, Oregon and took the lives of six people —— these deaths are quite possibly the only deaths on United States soil.

It is widely believed that humans have been existing in Oregon for 14, years.

Everything you need to know about moving to oregon in

You will quickly discover the strange cool history that Oregon is known for has stuck with it. Everything about Oregon is peculiar and fascinating and alluring.

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It is a huge state in size but quite small when you take into consideration the of folks that live there… a whopping 4 million. While we will be talking a lot about Oregon as a whole in this article, we will also be discussing Portland quite a bit too… because such a large portion of the state resides there and because so many who are making a jump to the state are calling the city home.

It, in many ways, feels nearly impossible to define. Its landscape is vast. It ranges drastically. It is home to beautifully rugged coastlines and deserts.

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It sports volcanoes and glaciers. And, in between all of this, it is filled in by dense evergreen forests.

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In this vast landscape, residents can find distinct features that feel like they should belong on another planet. Take Crater Lake, for example, formed thousands of years ago after a massive volcanic eruption, it stands today as one of the deepest lakes in the world. The lake is so vast it is home to two islands… Wizard Island and Phantom Ship.

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And, if you thought that was crazy, wait until you hear this. Oregon is home to the largest mushroom on Earth —— it spans over 2. Kind of creepy.

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Kind of awesome. It, along with Pacific Northwest as a whole, offers some of the best landscapes in the world. Like every other state in the United States, Oregon has its pros and cons.

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Or, not move there. Thankfully, there are much more pros to Oregon than cons.

Moved to portland

As we mentioned in the section, Oregon has some of the loveliest most diverse landscape in the United States. If you are fond of the outdoors, Oregon is the state for you. Some other pros of Oregon are that it is one of the top biking cities in the United States we are looking at you, cyclists. Oregon is also one of the greenest places in the United States. And, lastly, due to the fact that most of Oregon is so unpopulated, it will be easy for you to find a nice quiet place to call home.

Now, all that was lovely, but what are some not so great things about Oregon? In addition to this, while the weather is nice in Oregon, it does rain a lot.

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This, unfortunately, just comes with the territory of living in the Pacific Northwest. With that said, if wet rainy dreary weather kills your mood, you might want to consider moving to someplace 72 and sunny. And, lastly, this one is more just kind of strange versus a con… but it is illegal in Oregon to pump your own gas.

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Yes, you read that correctly… illegal. In all seriousness, we might even argue this is a pro… who wants to pump their own gas in the winter time anyway? Must be nice. The physical beauty of a state should certainly be taken into consideration before making the jump there. Only you can answer that.

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As ofOregon had a 3. In fact, there is really only one… Portland.

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Portland is home to a vast array of people. With this, Portland offers one the largest job markets in the state of Oregon, naturally because it is the biggest city in the state.

Oregon is truly a great state with a very rich interesting history. We coordinate local and long-distance moving services in Oregon and we would love to help!

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Is moving to Oregon right for you? A Guide. October 18, No Comments. Jump Ahead To:.

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Despite the notoriously grey and damp winters, Portland is a sparkling gem in the Northwest with a backdrop of the Columbia and Willamette River.


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